Pharmacy Negligence

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Pharmacy negligence is a sub category of medical malpractice cases, and falls under the same specific rules and laws governing medical malpractice cases. Therefore, as in medical malpractice cases, if a pharmacist is negligent, the defendants must consent to settle. The damages for pain and suffering are capped at $250,000, and other damages are restricted, which makes these cases more difficult than your typical case for personal injuries, such as an automobile accident.

On the other hand, pharmacy negligence cases are easier to prove for the most part than other medical malpractice cases. There are two very common ways that pharmacies are negligent. The first way is prescribing the wrong medication not in conformity with the physician’s prescription. Obviously, taking the wrong medication for any illness or condition can be very dangerous, and in many cases, patients wind up hospitalized as a result of taking the wrong medication.

The other common pharmaceutical negligence is prescribing the wrong dosage of the correct medication. For instance, a physician may prescribe 50mg of a certain medication, and the pharmacy fills the prescription with 500mg. This obviously creates an overdose in the medication, especially when the medication has to be taken several times per day or multiple pills have to be taken at the same time. As a result, an overdose can be severely dangerous and even cause death.

It is always important for the victim to retain possession of the actual medication, pill bottles, and paperwork picked up at the pharmacy. Securing a copy of the prescription itself, and or the Physicians records will assist us in determining whether negligence was committed.

Careful timelines of onset of illness, and its progression is also vital to this type of case. Document as much as possible to help assist us with your case.

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