Legal Malpractice

Experienced Legal Malpractice Attorney in Valencia CA

Legal malpractice cases have always been considered the case within a case type of matter, because in order to win a legal malpractice case against an attorney, you must be able to prove that you would have prevailed in the underlying case which the attorney was representing you for.  In other words, you have to prove two cases.  The first case must be proved that the case being handled by the attorney would have been successful, and the Plaintiff would have been entitled to a certain dollar amount which could be reasonably ascertained.  Once this is proven, then it must be proven that due to the attorney’s negligence, the potential for damages incurred by the Plaintiff in the underlying case are no longer available to the Plaintiff.

In legal malpractice cases, the attorney you hire should be very familiar with the methods and procedures in handling the underlying case.  In other words, if your underlying case is a personal injury matter, the most competent attorney for your legal malpractice case, is also an attorney who handles personal injury cases as well as legal malpractice cases.

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