California Lemon Law Attorney for Autos & Trucks

Californians are fortunate enough to have an excellent consumer protection law called the “Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act,” more commonly known as the “California Lemon Law” which affords California consumers the right to take legal actions against manufactures of defective vehicles and other consumer products.

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The Lemon Law is fairly simple. If the manufacturer cannot repair your vehicle after a “reasonable” number of attempts, the manufacturer must either replace the vehicle, or reimburse you the purchase price of the vehicle.

The term “reasonable” regarding number of repairs has been defined as the inability of the manufacturer to repair the same defect after four attempts. However, you only need two repairs if the defect is “life-threatening.” It is also considered “reasonable” under the Lemon Law if the vehicle is inoperable while being repaired for at least thirty days. These days are not required to be consecutive, or for the same repair. However, the repairs must be attempted within the original manufacturer’s warranty period.

In addition to replacing the vehicle, or reimbursing you for the price you paid for the vehicle, the manufacturer must pay for your license fees, rental expenses, towing, and out of pocket repairs, and other incidental. They must also pay for some or all of your attorney’s fees.

Of course there are some catches. The defects must affect the use, safety, or value of the vehicle and the repairs to the vehicle must take place under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Repairs falling under an extended warranty don’t count towards lemon law repair, with few exceptions. Also, the manufacturer is entitled to a deduction for mileage put on the vehicle prior to the central defects occurring. Other restrictions may also apply.

The best part of the California Lemon Law is that you can get rid of your lemon, recoup most or maybe all of your expenses in purchasing the vehicle (including any loan or lease payments you have made after the purchase), and much of your other losses resulting from the defective vehicle. The Lemon Law truly is a consumers’ law.

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